Sunday, 6 April 2008

Day 25: Thursday 21 Feb 2008

Moving equipment from the top of the cliff to the bottom. Easy when you have a bloody big crane parked on the side of the road.
Producing woodchip, usefull for the garden I am told. You spread it around and it stops weeds growing. Question; is grass a weed? Will it work on my "lawn"?

Those aren't just ear protectors this member of the Devon Tree Services team is wearing, the are two way radios so all team members can keep in touch to maintain the high safety standards that have been shown on the site. Just here, earlier today there was a rock fall, but because everyone was aware work was being carried out higher up the cliff face no one was exposed to any danger.
The last major clearance. From now on it is just bits and peices of tidying up. But this is a big site on the side of a cliff standing 80 metres high and streaching several hundred metres from end to end so tidying up isn't like running round the living room with a vacumn cleaner. It will take over a week but the seaward side of the road will be open later next week and both sides by the 7th of March.


David said...

Actually I have since found out that most of the bushes seen in the photo are on land owned by the Torbay Hotel and are staying put.

Anonymous said...

That tree has stopped in the bus stop clearway!!!

Kill it!!

Notes about the blog. Updated 08 March 2008

Not much is happening at Rock Work now. All the work clearing the trees has been done. A barrier has been erected to prevent rock falls from reaching the road. Now we wait for the geological survey in May to see what can be done to fix the rocks in place.
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