Saturday, 23 January 2010

Walk Ways

Rock Walk

The team continue to make progress up the cliff but I am beginning to question the optimism behind the "Open by March" remark made by a Torbay councillor last year.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

At Last; Something Happening to Rock Walk

Nothing much happens to Rock Walk for years and years. Then I go away for a few days and the place is practically rebuild in my absence. Here work is going on to construct walk ways up to a viewing platform. The whole place will be tastefully lit up to keep the druggies and drunks out, sorry that should read, make the place attractive to holiday makers and us residents. Which will make a change after the last two years of the place looking like a bomb site.

One day soon Rock Walk itself will be resurfaced and provided with lights and the magnificent views of the Bay will be available to all. (Note; Rock Walk is actually the pathway at the top of the cliff but the whole area is now know by everyone as Rock Walk (except the council who continue to use it's old, long winded name. Which is so old and long winded I can't remember what it is) . The trees cut off the views having become overgrown in the 100 years since that were planted and hardly anyone went up there. It remains to be seen if numbers do increase after it is finally reopened)

Notes about the blog. Updated 08 March 2008

Not much is happening at Rock Work now. All the work clearing the trees has been done. A barrier has been erected to prevent rock falls from reaching the road. Now we wait for the geological survey in May to see what can be done to fix the rocks in place.
After that when work starts again later in the year I will post more photos.
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