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From the Herald Express 12 Dec 2007

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11:00 - 12 December 2007
Torquay's famous Rock Walk has been closed for safety reasons.

Rock Walk, opposite the crumbling seafront and a landmark location for decades, will be shut from today until 'extensive improvement works' are carried out.Torbay Council said that bad weather has made the walk's decay, first revealed in a report earlier this year, worse and the area will be fenced off until the improvements are carried out later next year.As part of the repairs in late January, Torbay Road will be closed between the Pavilion roundabout and Belgrave Road as a large crane is moved in.

It's not yet known how long the main road will be closed.But deputy mayor Kevin Carroll, said speculation that both seafront lanes may be shut for up to six weeks was 'not a possibility'.He said: "I did hear that it was being proposed. We have said that can not happen. One lane perhaps but not two."A preliminary inspection of Rock Walk took place in January followed by a more detailed review in March.The report highlighted issues relating to the stability of some of the larger trees, but after this weekend's bad weather the situation has worsened.Cllr Carroll said: "Following a rapid change in the weather with strong winds and heavy rainfall and no predicted let-up we have had no choice but to close Rock Walk Gardens."

Fences will be put in place from today to prevent access to the public via the seafront road as well as the footpath off Shedden Hill and Warren Road and will remain in place until the necessary improvement works are carried out."We had hoped to keep the gardens open until the improvement works were carried out. Unfortunately this has not been the case and the bad weather has forced us to close the gardens as a precautionary measure."

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