Sunday, 8 July 2012

Not much Happening at Rock Walk

No recent work has been carried out at Rock Walk and lots of weeds are appearing making it look a mess. The lights that once made this a magical place at night haven't been replaced and frankly I would have preferred the steps up to the top to be a little less intrusive.

Not many people make the climb anyway.


Anonymous said...

Very disapointed no planting taken place, looking bit scruffy and last night (saturday in August!!!) Even the light on the steps were off! What a waste.

Jon said...

When I was last in Torquay (2010) this was still under construction. Back here again, staying in an apartment near the walk. I was really looking forward to seeing it, but it is a disappointment. Why is there now no lights at all on at night? The steps don't light up and it looks like there were some lights built into the steps that have been filled in with concrete.

Before the construction work I remember viewing this area as a young child, and it felt almost magical at night. What a shame that money has been spent on the area but it seems it is no longer being maintained.

Justinvebber said...

Switch off & people make the climb anyway..

Anonymous said...


Kate's Mum said...

I was there today and loved it and blogged about it here

Anonymous said...

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Stuart said...

Great pics. Is there any access from the top end, or do you have to walk up from Torbay Road, and then back down again?

David said...

You can get to the top of Rock Walk from Warren Rd which is of Melville St which is off Abbey Road. You can also get there by walking up the steps between the amusement arcade and the car park on Cary Parade, just past the bus stops. Actually you may as well just go up from the main road.

Stuart said...

David, thanks. I went down from Warren Road yesterday, but there is a sign at the top saying there is no access at the Sneddon Hill end because of the building works, so when I came to the T-junction in the path, I went left and came down towards Cary Parade, a section that offers hardly any view of the bay. Perhaps if I'd gone right a little way, I'd have come to the main walk.

David said...

Hi Stuart
The Sheddon Hill end of Rock Walk is closed at present due to building work, which should finish soon but you are right about turning right and getting onto the main path overlooking the Bay. You can then come down to the main road near the Princess Theatre along the new steps.

Architectural Plans said...

The Sheddon Hill end of Rock Walk is still closed although Building Work appears to be finished. Is it the Builders or the Council responsible for re-opening up access to Rock Walk from Sheddon Hill ?.

David said...

I did email the council a month/ 6 weeks ago and they promised to look into the problem but nothing has been done yet. I will try again on Monday.

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