Friday, 27 August 2010

Grand reopening 2 October

This is Rock Walk yesterday with only 37 days to the Official Reopening. All looks very busy, lots of work persons working hard. Hope they get it finished or someone is going to sound a little embarrassed when he says "I now declare Rock Walk well and truly open. Err..... sorry but you can only look for the time being but the weather has been against us. Come back in a couple of months." I only say this because Chris Lewis, the deputy mayor did say it would be open by the end of July. Mind you he didn't say which July.

It'll be great when it is finished though.


Anonymous said...

When it is finished. Yet again delay is announced.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see any of you place 5 ton lumps of concrete onto a cliff face make it all look nice and be safe for everyone to use with no problems!!

David said...

It isn't the time it is taking to finish the work but the continuing statements made by Torbay council saying it would be ready when it was obvious it wouldn't be. What was the point in all that other than a short term bolster to some polititions flagging position. For instance the deputy mayor said it would be open by the end of July; come the end of July when it wasn't open he said, Well I only ment the scaffolding would be down by the end of July, not that we would be able to walk up the walkways. No mention of that in his original statement.

I used to be aq supporter of the council when the work started in Jan 2008 but now I beleive they should have removed the trees, reopenned the top and foot path (Rock Walk) and left the cliff face alone.

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