Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exactly When Will It Be Open? Does any one know for sure?

It isn't the time it is taking to finish the work but the continuing statements made by Torbay council saying it would be ready when it was obvious it wouldn't be. What was the point in all that other than a short term bolster to some politicians flagging position. For instance the deputy mayor said it would be open by the end of July; come the end of July when it wasn't open he said, Well I only meant the scaffolding and the Blue Wall would be down by the end of July and you would all be able to look at the cliff face, not that anyone would be able to walk up the walkways. No mention of that in his original statement.
I used to be an avid supporter of the council when the work started in Jan 2008 but now I believe they should have removed the trees, reopened the top foot path (Rock Walk) and left the cliff face alone.
Look at the photo taken yesterday (all the walk ways look like this) and tell me they aren't going to leave it like this. If they are then Councillor Lewis's statement that it is being built to last 50 years is clearly outrageous. If they aren't then how long will it take to complete the work. I don't care if it is next July; I just want to know.


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Anonymous said...

Will the cliff have the coloured lights on it like before when its finished ?

David said...

There will be coloured lights which will be visable from Brixham on a clear night.

Anonymous said...

The stairs will have lights in every riser. The lights are white, but the glass is blue. There are columns at various locations on the cliff. These can be colour changing. The cliff will also be lit with white light in prominent locations. The feature is therefore the cliff and path not tacky coloured lights. This will be a magnificent feature for Torbay. The plans for the opening will be well worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

The coloured lights were not tacky.


If its just white it will look dull. Really hope they use coloured lights.

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