Saturday, 22 August 2009

Torbay Road by Rock Walk

This is the situation now, no parked cars between here and Belgrave Road. Before the work started her in Jan 2008 ( for 6 weeks) this was a duel carriageway road, two lanes in both directions. On both sides of the road the left lane was allocated for parked cars, and coaches outside the Princess Theatre. The big problem when driving along this section of road was cars pulling away from the left lane. Some one would stop to let a car out, not because they were kind sweet souls who just wanted to help a stranger on their way. No, they wanted to get into the parking space. So you would sit there while the car moving off shunted back and forward and pulled away then the car that had let him out would reverse into the parking space, sometimes in a way that suggested they had plenty of practice at reverse parking but usually in a way that suggested it was the first time in their lives they had ever tried this really difficult manoeuvre. And usually this little trick would happen two or three times a trip in the summer, always when you were running late. It happened on the way back as well. Now all that has gone and under the new scheme in which traffic will switch to the landward side of the road, the sea ward side will as I mentioned be for parking, it will remain gone.

Couple of little problems, buses pulling away from the existing stops at the Pavilion will have to get out against traffic wanting to go ahead and get in the parking lane, Please Let The Bus Out. Second problem, before the work started there were two bus stops at the Theatre, one on each side of the road. They are no longer in use but it is a long way from the Pavilion to the next stop at Belgrave Rd. Will they be reinstated and if so they will block the road as there is no room to put in a lay by? Third problem will be the Boy Racers who will try and get in front of the through traffic by nipping through the parking area at 50 mph. I hope there will be suitable provision to seriously discourage them.

I will take my thoughts on this matter down to the Library on Tuesday (I'm working Monday) and mention them to who ever is in charge. Oh yes, one more idea. Will there be someway of stopping mad people walking along the central reservation?

P.S. My thanks to ISCA Scaffold, the company that built the Blue Wall. It was designed to stop rocks falling down the cliff and onto the road putting all our lives at risk. So far no rocks have made it onto the road so the Blue Wall has done it's job admirably. Well done ISCA.

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