Thursday, 20 August 2009

August 24 2009 News Update

TORQUAY residents and traders have a week to give their opinions on a new layout in one of the town's busiest roads.
Torbay Council has defended its decision to hold the consultation on the new layout for Torbay Road, along Rock Walk, for just one week during one of the busiest times of the year.
The aim is to keep traffic flowing in both directions on the one side of Torbay Road avoiding delays previously caused by vehicles parking.
Many road users have described this as a positive move and have asked the council to keep the layout when the road re-opens fully.
The new design proposes two-way traffic on the land side carriageway for the majority of this section of Torbay Road.
The other carriageway, closest to the sea, would be used to provide parking, taxi rank, coach drop-off and disabled parking, without causing disruption to through traffic.
It will also be used to hold on-street events such as markets, street entertainment and small fairground rides

Deputy mayor and cabinet member for transport, Chris Lewis, said: "During a week-long consultation on Rock Walk's Royal Terrace Gardens last year many local residents, businesses and visitors said they were in favour of a single carriageway design along Torbay Road.
"We have listened to these comments and drawn up these plans.
"Now we'd like as many people as possible to let us know what they think about the design which aims to keep traffic moving along the seafront, while reinstating parking spaces.
"This will be a temporary layout and, if in a couple of years, it proves popular then we will look at making it a permanent feature and more aesthetically pleasing."
He said he had heard of few objections to the proposal but said he would be willing for the public to be consulted further about the new layout if people were unhappy.
A spokesman added: "This week has been chosen following a number of enquiries from the public and we, therefore, wanted to get the proposals out as soon as possible.
"Once we have received feedback from the consultation, we will take comments to elected members to consider any proposed changes, after which we may need to consult again.
"If we find people have not managed to get to the exhibition to express their views, we will, of course, look to extend the consultation period."
Consultation displays will be available at Torquay Library for a week from Monday and at Breezes Café in the Princess Theatre on Thursday, August 27 from 11am.
Comments on the traffic design plans can be made at the consultation events or by email to: or through Torbay Council's website, www.torbay.

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