Saturday, 23 February 2008

Letter to The Editor

This letter appeared in the Herald Express following some remarks made in the local paper. I have not read the article but judging by the tone of this letter Mr Shaw did not say anything nice about the work being done,or Devon Tree Services,or the time the work has taken. I have been down to the site every day since work started and I know the work needed doing and that the only way it could have been done faster would have been to get some napalm and bomb the place. All diversion cause problems but once this one is over everyone will benifit. Epecially the poor bus drivers who have worked extremely hard these last 4 weeks getting round the diversion without a thank you from anyone.

The Letter.

The directors of Devon Tree Services would like to reply to Lincoln Shaw's article of February 20 ('A journey not to be repeated') with regards to the comment that 'a few trees have had to be pulled down' in relation to the traders who say the diversion for the work on Rock Walk has caused a slump in business.I fear for his safety, if the 15 arborists who have been working for three weeks, read that. I wonder whether Mr Shaw has been to the site. We would gladly have given him the time necessary to explain the reasons for the duration of road closures due to the tree dismantling.As a small business trading in Devon we fully understand how important looking after the customer is.Devon tree services has worked with speed and skill to ensure that the road closures have been kept to the minimum time. They have removed trees weighing 285 tonnes in total to date, on a cliff face, using the second largest crane in England.
Mr Shaw's comment appears a touch lightweight.
Managing director, Devon Tree Services

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Not much is happening at Rock Work now. All the work clearing the trees has been done. A barrier has been erected to prevent rock falls from reaching the road. Now we wait for the geological survey in May to see what can be done to fix the rocks in place.
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