Thursday, 28 February 2008

From the Herald Express

From the Herald Express 28 Feb 2008


11:00 - 28 February 2008

Torbay Council was today unable to put a timescale on when Torquay's main seafront road will be fully reopen.Deputy mayor Kevin Carroll had already suggested that repair work could run into months after experts revealed the full extent of stability of the Rock Walk cliff face.

Late yesterday a Torbay Council spokesman confirmed they have 'no time scale' of how long repairs could now take and would only confirm that it was 'indefinite'.It has also been revealed that landslides have already taken place during research work, heightening fears that larger boulders could come crashing down on to the road below.

A search has been launched to find a barrier to absorb any impact, but so far, estimates of eight weeks until delivery have been given.And even if barriers are put up, it is not known if they would be effective enough to allow the opening of both lanes of Torbay Road.Torbay Council say their priority now is to get one of the lanes open to two-way traffic as soon as possible.

Cllr Chris Lewis said: "We are currently being quoted up to eight weeks delivery time for specialist barriers."This is not acceptable as we wish to open up one side of the road as soon as possible, therefore we are considering other options that could be in place more quickly including a scaffolding system."We have met with a scaffolding company on site yesterday morning and are waiting for their design ideas which will also need to be agreed by our engineers and geologist specialists before we can go ahead.

"We are extremely disappointed that the initial survey of the rock face carried out earlier in the week has highlighted such serious problems as we had several rock falls occur while carrying out the work."However, I would like to assure local residents and businesses that we are doing everything we can to open the road as quickly as possible but their safety must be our first priority.

"The cost of the renovation could now top £1million.


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The local scaffolding company is no other than me !!!

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