Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rock Walk revisited

Saturday afternoon I went round to Rock Walk for the entertainment before the opening of the walkway up the cliff face. Had a brief wander round before having a few words with Professor Iain Stewart of Plymouth University. He was here to officially open The Royal Terrace Gardens, together with Nick Bye. Still I wont hold that against Iain who told me there was an other TV program on it's way which featured the North West Coast of Scotland, my favourite place on earth. I was going to get back later for the opening at 6:45 but at 6:30 the heavens opened instead so I stayed in. During the night there was a lot of wind and rain and I hoped the builders had done their job well and everything hadn't been washed away.

When I got up next morning there was a tree branch and the wild ground at the bottom of the garden. It had fallen down the 100 foot cliff face in the night.

To day, Monday, I had a walk up the steps, 150 up to the observation platform, no sign of a cafe selling cups of tea and ice cream but a fair number of people at the top taking advantage of the glorious sunshine and enjoying the views over the Bay. A couple of photos the 40 more steps up to the top. There is a pathway here that runs from Shedden Hill Road right across to the Harbour. This is the correctly called Rock Walk but the whole project is now know by the same name.

Here are a few photos.

Me up on Rock Walk. In the back ground is the Harbour which from here is overlooked by the Three Ugly Sisters.

The Viewing platform, sans cafe but with a few viewers.

The local long arm of the law making sure we weren't gettin high.

This struture is down at street level, this is what I imaging Ankh-Morpork would look like if it had been built on rock instead of loam.

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