Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It Will Look Good, and be nice to see the back of the Blue Wall

Point taken Anon. Perhaps I should have been more specific
about what I meant by 'the work'. True as you say the walk ways work did only start this Jan but the work on the cliff face, that is to clear the trees did start in Jan 2008.
In a recent post I made a comment that may appear to be critical of the firm building the new walk ways up Rock Walk. I also stated that the work had started in Jan 2008. The work to clear the trees from the rock face did start in Jan 2008 which is how long this blog has been running. How ever the council then waited Until Late in 2008 to start stabilising the cliff face. This work included fitting netting to the cliff face and boring holes into which long bolts were inserted to hold the cliff together. This work was finished in the middle of 2009. Then another delay before the walk way work began in Jan 2010. The reason given for both these delays was the council did not wish work and the noise it would produce to take place during the summer season and disturb the holiday makers. This will have delayed the completion of the work by 14 months. Had work continued without these breaks then the work would have been finished 10 months ago and would have been enjoyed by the visitors who were here last summer and we, the residents plus the visitors would no longer have to look at the ugly blue wall that is protecting us all.

I know the cliff face will eventually look good when everything is finished and as someone who went up on the cliff face several time while the trees were being removed fully understand why all this work had to be done. Basically the tree roots were tearing the cliff apart could have sent huge boulders rolling down the cliff and to quote Councilor Lewis," smashed into a number 12 bus"

It was the length of time from start (the clearing of the trees) to the expected completion of the walk ways in June that I was having a moan about in the recent post "A bit of a mess still."

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

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