Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Netting, nothing but netting?

From The Palm Court Hotel in the south to the Pavilion in the north A great plastic curtain is decending across the face of Torquay.

It doesn't seem to make much difference if the cliff face is covered with vegetation or bare rock, soon it will, by the looks of what has happened so far covered with plastic netting.
I hoped the idea was to knock the loose bits down, bolt the big slabs to the bedrock with great long steel pegs and cover any suspicious bits, i.e. might fall down in the next hundred years with net, not just put net curtains over the lot like some front room parlor. But the two photos show curtain at one end and curtain at the other all together looking like some one is just about to draw them across the cliff. What a mess. Why not leave the safety barrier where it is and we can admire from a distance. Building walkways and steps is a crazy idea, no one ever uses them. Just open the top path for the view and let the cliff slowly crumble, It's what cliffs do the world over and have done so for the last 4.5 billion years. Who are Torbay Council to stand in the way of such an ancient tradition?

So we just let the cliff fall down, gradually. The Big Blue Wall can stay where it is, for ever protecting passers by till it too erodes away. At least from a distance it won't look too bad, not if you don't concentrate; and paint it a better colour.

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