Friday, 26 September 2008

Rock Walk work to begin in November

From the Herald Express
Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 09:20
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WORK to repair crumbling Rock Walk will start in November after Torbay Council's development control committee approved plans for the second phase of its rescue.
A contract will be awarded on October 7 with work starting on November 7.
The latest date for completion is June 1, 2009, but Cllr Chris Lewis explained he wanted work finished by the end of April, before the crucial bumper summer season.
Half of Torquay's seafront road has been closed since the cliff face was cleared in the spring.
It is expected to cost up to £1.5million — more than twice the price originally estimated by Torbay Council — to stabilise the cliff face.

Cllr Alan Faulkner asked for the decision to be made before the full council so 'all councillors' could know the 'full cost' of what the council was facing.
But his plea was not backed by any other committee members,
The work, aimed at stabilising the crumbling cliff face, will use dowels, rock pins, concrete dentition ie filling in holes, rock fall netting and shotcrete, a method of blasting cliffs with concrete.
The work will leave only two paths going from the bottom of the cliffs to the top at Warren Road.
Cllr Chris Lewis said: "It's about health and safety.
"And this phase is to put Rock Walk right and make it safe. The last thing any of us want is for a Number 12 bus to be hit by falling rocks." (Oh no?)
He added that the third phase of restoring one of the Bay's prized assets was the exciting one and a capital bid has been submitted to secure funding for Rock Walk's regeneration.
Cllr Ruth Pentney said the committee had no option but to go ahead with the plans.
Cllr Terry Manning said: "Whatever it takes, it needs to be done and whatever it costs, it has to be done.
"The people of Torbay want their Rock Walk back and we have to do this."
According to the council's report, submitted to the committee for consideration, it will take 24 months for Rock Walk to return to its current appearance and the timber footbridges will be removed from the Grade II listed gardens.

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